Miss Venezuela 2006-2014

Miss Venezuela 2006-2014


Mariam Habach – 2006

The great beauty of the young man who was crowned as Miss Venezuela 2015, dominated 3 languages (English, Arabic and Italian).

He studied of dental practitioner in the University Jose Antonio Paez in Valencia being crowned Miss Chiquita 2006 International, Little Miss Universe 2007 and 2015 as “Lady Center West”.

Maraiam Habach went to Manila Philippines becoming image of the organization of the beauty universal, but in the finale was not able to enter into the Group of the 13 finalists.

Mariam Habach

Ly Jonaitis – 2006

Once more the polyhedron of Caracas of the edition 54° of the Miss Venezuela, the jury will select Ly Jonaitis as representative for large international competitions, with a height of 1’80 m.
Jonaitis unlike other misses, had had enough experience in the artistic environment before being crowned.
He was also in Europe, Paris with the Agency Metropolitan models where had the sufficient preparation to get to his country and to participate in the Miss Venezuela.
To attend the Miss Universe in Mexico, obtained a second finalist; venezuelan wanted to explore his side acting and ventured into his first novel The Mysteries of love and was the image of the girl Polar.

Ly Jonaitis

Marelisa Gibson – 2009

In 2009, Venezuela is represented by a queen of Caracas, with international roots, to have grandparents Swedes immigrants and her grandmother is Mexico.
In this year 2009 begins the show began with the large deployment of production directed by the late Joaquin Rivera with an opening inspired by Bollywood.
The event was animated by Daniel Sarcos and was attended by numerous performances international artists such as: Daddy Yankee, Boris Izaguirre, Chinese and Nacho, Tito El Bambino, Maite Delgado and Rummy Olive Tree.
Finally got to know the 5 finalists, between the candidates was the big winner to be representative in the Miss Universe: Marelisa Gibson where I am not in the 15 finalists.

Marelisa Gibson

Gabriela Isler – 2012

On 30 August 2012 is celebrated the Miss Venezuela in the city of Caracas. The jury invited crowned Isler, representative of the State Guarico, being crowned by Irene Esser. The event was hosted by the facilitators and broadcasters Mariela Celis and Erika de la Vega. The official transmission was made this time through the internet and satellite.
Arrived at the Miss Universe 2013 to take the crown, being the 7ma crown Venezuela, being the 2nd country that has more victories exceeded by the United States.

Gabriela Isler

Irene Esser – 2012

In the edition °60 the Miss Venezuela (2011) returns to its root and returns to the city that saw grow to this contest: Caracas, but the study 1 of the official channel of the Organization.
After the parades in evening dress, bathing suit and questions this team selected to Irene Esser, representative of Sucre state.

Irene Esser

Mariana Jimenez – 2012,2014

Is a queen born in La Guaira on 1 December 1993, educated by his mother since he never knew his father but this did not prevent him from forming and prepare for what would be the dream of her life: Be Miss Venezuela.
Led to the pair your modeling career with their studies. Attended the Miss Grand International in Thailand where it competed together with other 70 girls, leaving in the box of the 10 finalists being won by Miss Puerto Rico.
Mariana measured 1’79 m of height.
In the Miss Universe managed to enter the group of ten finalists among 79 candidates but could not take the crown end.

Mariana Jimenez

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