Miss Venezuela 2000-2005

Miss Venezuela 2000-2005


Eva Ekvall – 2000

Eva Ekvall born in the year 2000 is a Miss Venezuela very known for his art. To be immersed in the world of communication knows that would be her husband and love of life: John Fabio Bermúdez in the year 2007. Two years after is born the branch of this love call light Miranda Bermúdez Ekvall.
In 2010 Ekvall is diagnosed with breast cancer.
At the end of 2010 published a book called out of focus.

Eva Ekvall

Cynthia Lander – 2001

Cynthia Lander born a 10 June 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela who represented his country at the 2001 to be crowned Miss Venezuela 2001, achieving the title of 4ta finalist in the Miss Universe.
Subsequently met her husband Carlos Martel Izaguirre and the little time the child was born in 2003 called Sebastian Martel Lander by changing her life completely. Took the decision to be a mother and devote themselves to their family. Lander preferred to follow their instincts of women and fulfill the role that was submitted to it, an attitude worthy to admire.

Cynthia Lander

Mariangel Ruiz – 2002

Mariangel Ruiz, a young woman of 22 years, in the year 2002 won the Miss Venezuela 2002 and was the representative of the state of Aragua who took the crown.
At the age of 14 started his career as a model in Maracay. Its 18 decides to take courses to aeromoza and worked for the airline Avensa and participates in the casting of the Miss Venezuela. In 2002, he was the winner in the 1er casting that was held in Maracay.
Osmel Souza, the president of the organization threatened him saying that he would send to the first runner-up instead of it but ceased to increase weight.
The performance of the Dominican Republic appeared to be larger than the others because it finally led the Carona, and Mariangel obtained the title of 1was finalist.

Mariangel Ruiz

Ana Karina Áñez – 2003

Ana Karina áñez of Barquismeto, was born on 4 January 1985 is a model that entered the course when he was 18 years. Ana convinced the judges to be the winner and queen of Venezuela.
This girl broke the record that had Venezuela of 21 consecutive years since 1983 for having managed to enter always in the first ten posts at the important contest.
Unfortunately was widely criticized for not to appear as the other misses Venezuelan, being this allegedly the reason for his departure from East, leaving it discouraged completely.

Jictzad Viña – 2005

The Polyhedron of Caracas would once again the main witness of what would be the night in which a girl born in Carano would become the queen of the Venezuelan beauty.
Vineyard is characterized by a delicate cinnamon color and by having a porte very elegant by its height of 1’83 m.
With 15 years belonged to the selection of volleyball and later formed part of the national selection of rowing, participating in Pan American Games and Bolivarian.
The contest in the edition 53° passed with the customary artistic display.
Jictzad Vineyard, after taking the crown decides to go immediately to the contest of the Queen Sudamericana 2005 winning as first runner up.
Despite having lost 15 kilos to enter the Miss Venezuela, Venezuelan revealed that it was worth it because it gave him a BMW last model and decided to sell to an employer to give a home to his mother.

Jictzad Viña

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