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Characteristics of Ares

If you download a lot of content in Ares or other programs compartelos now with WhatsApp to PC.

This program has several million users throughout the world and has different features that make it a program other than the other programs of the competition. These are some of its main features:

  • Is simple and at the same time very complete and that gives you the ease and simplicity of download anything without any type of problem or complication.
  • Its maintenance of a list of contacts and their messaging system allow communication with other users of the network.
    The ability to preview the contents while you are downloading to observe what we are lowering.
  • Its algorithm puts in first place in a remote queue of waiting for the users who have less percentage in a discharge, so that the remote queues are very short for users that start a download.
  • A wonderful compatibility with the BitTorrent protocol. And this program can interact as BitTorrent client and obtain awards and extra contents through this protocol.

  • Incorporation of a support of internet radio shout cast that allows you to tune in to any radio broadcast of shout cast with the media player of this application.
  • Download a file des from various sources in an instant and prevent it from collapsing the files and go slower than ever.
  • The maintenance of management library where you can share and organize the files that have been downloaded. We can also add files within the list of the media player, find more things of the content and export the hash link of the files to delete.
  • Creation of chat rooms online, where you find people of the same nationality or who share tastes like.
    Share files between users of Ares that use a firewall, always and when you have downloaded the version of Ares 1.9.0 or higher.
  • Possibility of performing multiple searches of various content from multiple windows at once, which are organized in tabs.

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