publicidad 5 reasons not to buy the iPhone X Find out everything about the whatsapp application on How to download WhatsApp 1 – Entry to a new generation The new iPhone X terminal will imply a generational jump in all aspects and considering that it starts a new stage, itRead More →

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Iphone X

publicidad 4 reasons to buy  your iPhone X Discover all the new Whatsapp in features whatsapp The company Apple has created a new device with very innovative elements capable of shadowing its main competitors and sowing at the same time the bases of the next terminals that are yet to arrive.Read More →

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publicidad Apple is better than Android Many are wondering if Apple is better than Android. Does your you think? Continue reading… Currently Apple is considered a mark of quality, but had never had so many models on sale at the same time. Thing that makes to compete with Samsung. NowRead More →

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Blackberry Messenger Features When you download and install Blackberry Messenger (BBM). These are all characteristics that you have to take into account on BlackBerry Messenger or also known how BBM: Messages are received and read in seconds Send and receive messages with unlimited length Send messages to anywhere in theRead More →

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What is Ares? Ares Galaxy or as we know Ares, is a free program created during the year 2002 and has been updated. This program allows you to share files and download them. You can download public files of other users for free and online. Ares, is free software andRead More →

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Operation of Ares Ares, is an application to download music, videos, images and content for your gallery. This account with millions of members worldwide. Has a functioning very convenient and simple that allows any person can use it. How It Works Ares First, before you begin with the explanation comesRead More →

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Download Ares Ares is a PC program with which we can work with music, videos, photos, documents, programs and much more. This program is based on the transfer protocol P2P, i.e. a program that you can download the information of the members that are connected to the network at thatRead More →

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Operation of BBM As we have already seen, BlackBerry Messenger or also known as BBM is an app from instant messaging quite known both in iOS and Android. It was the novelty and the safety of this application that made in a few days increase so monumental the number ofRead More →

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BBM for Android At the end the BlackBerry launched at the same time a version of BBM to both iPhone and Android. At the beginning the initial version of BBM for Android (BlackBerry Messenger for Android) was only available in smartphone devices. Then, after a new update of BBM forRead More →

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Mariam Habach – 2006 The great beauty of the young man who was crowned as Miss Venezuela 2015, dominated 3 languages (English, Arabic and Italian). He studied of dental practitioner in the University Jose Antonio Paez in Valencia being crowned Miss Chiquita 2006 International, Little Miss Universe 2007 and 2015Read More →

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