Nuevo Google Maps

New Google Maps

New Google Maps


New Google Maps

Nuevo Google Maps

The most used app in the world WhatsApp has new features so you can enjoy it to the fullest

The new Google Maps is a total change in every rule. It is more efficient, it is better designed and it is faster The Google map service is totally transformed, offering a new perspective to its use.

Google has begun a progressive redesign of its most popular applications to adapt them to the new lines of Material Design imposed on Android 8.0 Oreo. There is a predominance of white and the interfaces change.

Now it’s time to renew the oldest app: Google Maps. After changes are made in applications like Google Play Games.

The change is not only in the aesthetic but they have changed the whole scheme of use that has been replaced by a new more effective and direct for all customers. Everything is more at hand and more intuitively.

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The new Google Maps is already with us

Nuevo Google Maps

Google has made it known through its blog.

All the interface has been changed, it has simplified the general appearance of the icons and the signage, being able to be accessible and simple for all kinds of clients.

One aspect that attracts a lot of attention is the inclusion of the low toolbar recently implemented in the Google application and Android app for PC.

The map has been updated in all its aspects: driving, route (so all the important signage will be clearer being easier to locate the place where you want to go), the color scheme belonging to the icons shown on the map, adding some and encompassing many additional variants.

The most important change is in its integration with the rest of Google services. In addition, the interaction of the other services to the platform will be added to Maps and the new Maps of those services will be updated, such as Google Assistant, Google Earth or Android Auto.

Next we show you a small image of the new color scheme. If you remember the previous one, you will guess new members in this scheme and you will have a better organization avoiding so much information if you are looking for something in particular in the new Google Maps.

If you want to plan an event using the Google calendar, a reservation confirmation will be added in Gmail or a restaurant will be added to your list.

Google Maps will reflect these movements, agreeing with the use of the client.

This change will be made and will reach all Google services within a few days, even if there is no confirmed date

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