Energy savings in an Android terminal

Energy savings in an Android terminal


Energy savings in an Android terminal

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Ahorro de energía en un terminal Android

Each mobile has its own economy modes and all focus on the same place: the adjustment of battery use.

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Steps to save battery in your terminal

1 – Go to the settings of your Android.

2 – Down to “Battery”, “Battery usage”, “Battery and power saving” (the name of the menu may vary).

3 – Enter the settings of this menu and look for economy mode.

4 – That mode can be in that same screen or in the three options points, in the upper right corner.

5 – Click on “Battery saving” to save mAh. The status bar will change color to indicate that economy is activated. Your terminal may not change the color, it may be the case.

Thus it is possible to extend the autonomy in several hours, always depending on the use and percentage that is left to the battery. It has a bad side and is that the device will limit its benefits to not spend as much. What restricts or does not depend on each terminal

What can activate the energy saving mode?

Ahorro de energía en un terminal Android

The mode of energy saving what it does is reduce the performance of our terminal while it remains activated.

Not all the components of the devices spend the same and not all are restricted in the same way when activating the battery saving.

In general, the changes that occur are the following:

1 – Limitation of the maximum brightness: the screen is what more battery consumes when limiting its brightness it improves the autonomy.

2 – Stopping the synchronization of apps: notifications consume a lot of energy as the terminal must be connected for something new. When activating the saving mode it is common that you lose notifications along the way.

3 – Reduction of the power of the processor: the energy saving can limit the maximum power of the processor avoiding that it is spent consuming battery.

4 – Fewer apps: the device can become more aggressive when closing apps that are not used.

5 – Turning off wireless connections: sometimes WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS tracking and data connection are disconnected. Everything will depend on the manufacturer and how restrictive the mode is.

How to get a personalized energy saving mode?

1 – Use the terminal as little as possible.

2 – Remove the automatic brightness and put it to the minimum possible without straining the view.

3 – Manually manage the data connection, so the terminal will only be synchronized when you connect it to the data network and disconnect WiFi and Bluetooth if you are not using them.

4 – Disconnect the Google Play Services location. To do this, go to the settings of your device, go to “Google”, go to “Location” then to “Google location history” and disconnect the history

5 – Uninstall apps that consume excessively like Facebook.

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