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Download Ares

Ares is a PC program with which we can work with music, videos, photos, documents, programs and much more. This program is based on the transfer protocol P2P, i.e. a program that you can download the information of the members that are connected to the network at that time.

To Download Ares we must meet these requirements.

To Download Ares we will need a minimum of 1GB and a 1.5 Ghz Processor.

How to Download Ares

If you like to download with Ares or other programs don’t hesitate to share your music with WhatsApp to PC.

There are different links from where we can download Ares. This application also can be downloaded in a variety of ways. We will explain in detail how you can download Ares 2013 from the link .

The installation of Ares is already list. Close everything and we are going to test if it works correctly. To confirm this, open Ares, which takes approximately 5 minutes to connect. Once connected we seek connections, videos, music, etc.

Links Where to download this application

This application has become the download manager most used all over the world thanks to the functions it has and its great download speed than most of its competitors.

Steps to download Ares through the previous link:

To Download Ares, in the first place, we must enter into the link that you have provided above. We hope 5 seconds, and press to skip advertising that appears on the top right of the screen. We will then the next page 2013.rar, and start the download.

After Download Ares, we opened the file and extract on the desktop. We will be a file shortcut on the desktop. Above the icon on the desktop, hit the right click of the mouse, and then press “Run as Administrator”. We get a small screen where it says “User Account Control”, and we question ” Do you want to allow this program from an unknown publisher make changes on your computer?”; we give you to “Yes”.

Then, a new window appears with three icons: Ares Click 2012 to install, crack to do full, and instructions of the crack. We press on the icon where it says “Ares click 2012 to install”.

From this moment we select the language. It will turn out to be a window that says “Welcome to the install wizard for Ares” and press Next. The license agreement appears and press OK and Next. Then appear three windows successive: Select the destination folder, select the components and select the Start Menu folder. In the three press Next.

After you press NEXT on the three previous windows, we get a new window that puts “Ready to Install,” and we give you to install.

From this moment begins the installation of Ares. When it ends we visualize the window of “completed the installation of Ares” and press Finish. Subsequently, appears the window “Windows Security Alert”, where it says that the Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this application and give “Allow Access”.

At this time, Ares is not yet complete, lack craquearlo. Close the screen and continue with the next step. To do this, in the former main screen of Ares where appeared the three icons, press on “crack to do Full”. Appears, then a window where we select the file Ares and with the mouse right button press copy.

We are now at the local disk C, we choose the program file X86 and go to the folder that said Ares. Within this folder, we give the right click of the mouse and press paste. Replace the file and we continue.

Ares allows us to preview the files that we are downloading at the moment so we can know if the contents we went down are the ones who really wanted. It is very useful to download content that have many megas as for example to download movies. One of its main advantages is that this system works without the need that the video or movie is completely discharged. With a small part of the downloaded movie is enough to see if the content is wanted.

With the Manager automatic queue we can position ourselves in the first place when you start a download.

The reason why your download speed is higher than that of other programs of P2P networks is due to that Ares gives priority to nodes whose Download percentage complete is lower, and in addition, download the same file from multiple users at the same time at the same time.

The system that has for the sharing of files can be used as a web server. It also has the option to automatically update the DNS.

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