publicidad Eva Ekvall – 2000 Eva Ekvall born in the year 2000 is a Miss Venezuela very known for his art. To be immersed in the world of communication knows that would be her husband and love of life: John Fabio Bermúdez in the year 2007. Two years after isRead More →

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publicidad Download Ares Ares is a PC program with which we can work with music, videos, photos, documents, programs and much more. This program is based on the transfer protocol P2P, i.e. a program that you can download the information of the members that are connected to the network atRead More →

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publicidad Download Ares Characteristics of Ares If you download a lot of content in Ares or other programs compartelos now with WhatsApp to PC. This program has several million users throughout the world and has different features that make it a program other than the other programs of the competition.Read More →

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Wearables Smartwatch Samsung Mainly Samsung is due to mobile phones, tablets and televisions. In all its variety of products we find with the Smartwatches and Wearables. And now is that Samsung is one of the best manufacturers in regard to smartwatches the market based on the ratio of quality toRead More →

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